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Реферат Becoming of Great Britain


Установа освіти

Гомельський державний університет

імені Франциска Скорини

Л.Д. Акуличем

країнознавства ВЕЛИКОБРИТАНІЇ


Для студентів

спеціальності I-020306-01 В«Англійська моваВ»

Гомель 2005р.


Л.С. Баннікова, доцент, кандидат педагогічних наук

C.И. Сокорева, доцент, кандидат педагогічних наук

Рекомендовано до видання науково-методичною радою установи освіти В«Гомельський державний університет імені Франциска СкориниВ» В«____В» _______ 2005 р., протокол № __

Акуліч Л.Д.

Курс лекцій з країнознавства Великобританії для студентів 2-го курсу факультету іноземних мов - Гомель; Міністерство освіти Республіки Білорусь; УО "ГГУ ім. Ф. Скорини "; авт.-сос. Акуліч Л.Д. - 2005.-_____с. p align="justify"> Справжній курс лекцій являє собою систематичний виклад широкого кола питань, що входять в систему соціо-культурних знань про сучасну Великобританії. Складений відповідно до навчальної програми курсу. p align="justify"> УДК 802. 0 (075. 8)

ББК 81. 432. 1 - 923. 5

В© Л.Д. Акуліч, 2005

В© Установа освіти

Гомельський державний університет імені Франциска Скорини, 2005


Geographical Position of the British Isles. Territory and Structure. Surrounding Seas and Coastline. Physical Structure and Relief. Highland and Lowland Britain. Rivers and Lakes. Climate and Weather.

Position, Territory and StructureBritish Isles are situated on the continental shelf off the north-west coast of Europe and comprise a group of islands lying between latitudes 50 o and 60 ° N and longitudes 1 o 45 , and 8 ° 10 'West, the prime meridian of 0 passing through the old observatory of Greenwich (London). The total area of ​​the British Isles is 322,246 square km., Formally known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, constitutes the greater part of the islands. It comprises the mainland of England, Wales and Scotland (Great Britain) and the northern part of Ireland (Northern Ireland). The southern part of Ireland, the second largest island of the group, is the Irish Republic or Eire. All in all there are over 5,000 islands in the system of the British Isles.United Kingdom's area is some 244,100 square km, of which about; 99 per cent is land and the remainder inland water. This is nearly the same size as the Federal Republic of Germany, New Zealand and half the size of France. From south to north it stretches for over 900 km, and is just under 500 km across in the widest part and 60 km in the narrowest. Due to the numerous bays and inlets no place in Britain is as much as 120 km from the sea coast line. The combined population of the British Isles - 59.5 million people (including that of the Republic of Ireland) makes the islands one of the most densely populated parts of the earth's surface and the United Kingdom, at least, one of the most densely populated countries. nearly 59 million people, Great Britain ranks about fourteenth in the world in terms of population. The high density of population (about 250 per square kilometre) sets a problem of land use and of livelihood. Within the British Isles it implies a pressure on land, a pressure reflected both in competition for space and in intensive agriculture. The problems of supporting such a large population on such a small land area are obvious. In fact, this became possible with the emergence of Britain as the world , s first industrial nation during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries . It was during this period that Britain acquaired vast overseas colonial territories, ruthlessly robbed and exploited them. This enabled her to become the wealthiest nation on earth.the north-western coast of Great Britain there is a group of islands known as the Hebrides. They are divided into the Inner and Outer Hebrides, th...

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