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Реферат Modern problems and prospects of development of local self-management in Ukraine


Modern Ukraine as the independent, sovereign, legal, democratic state is in the process of large-scale transformations of practically all sides of public and state life. One of the major directions of these transformations is change and perfection of local self-management.

According to Article 7 of the Constitution of Ukraine it admits and guarantees Ukraine local self-management. Part 3 Article 140 of the Constitution of Ukraine stipulates the local self-management is carried out by the territorial unit in the order established by the law both directly, and through bodies of local self-management such as rural, settlement, city councils and their agencies [1] .the same time at present it is conclusive, that local self-management the right of territorial units to solve independently local questions in Ukraine is given at the level of towns and cities, and practically it is not given at other levels, and, first of all, because at present bodies of local self-management have no sufficient opportunities (first of all financial) for the decision of local problems. It is possible to confirm the valid depth of this problem of local self-management by the following, for example, the level of budgetary maintenance of local self-management (in euro per capita for one year) in Sweden is - 2500 in Czech and Poland - about 600, in Ukraine - a little above 100. And, when in the city of Kiev this figure reaches almost 400 euros, in the regional centre of Odessa it is 30, and in the district centre of Ovidiopol it is 9. Thus the most part of charges of local budgets comprises education (35%), public health services (25%), and social maintenance (23%) - ie that by the nature is the function of the government. If the weight of socially directed charges of local budgets exceeds 85% the State budget of Ukraine is only about one third. So, the state meaning shifts burden of most complex problems of local self-management, not worrying at all about, whether it can consult with itplex problems concerning local self-management arise in the regions of Ukraine [2]. People living in villages (in Ukraine more than 18 million people live in villages and small settlements) suffer specially. Unfortunately, they have never been given the services represented inhabitants of cities, from apartments to any reference as peasants have always been in the worse position that is in fact not fair. They need to provide the guaranteed set of base services, not worse, than at city dwellers. The year +2006 declared in Ukraine the year of village had aim to change the situation, but, unfortunately it was not possiblees the priority of reform of local self-management - to provide the Ukrainian citizens with qualitative and accessible state and public services, to approach them not only to inhabitants of cities, but to inhabitants of villages and settlements, that proceeds from the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine, and for this purpose it is necessary to change the territorial structure. The present system of the administrative-territorial structure is extremely confusing [3] .this reason the question of wide reforming of local self-management together with the reform of the administrative-territorial structure is the urgent necessity. The primary goal of the President of Ukraine, of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine is the formations of rather effective and efficient system of the authority, capable to act in the interests of all Ukrainian people. At the level of local self-management it means, that it is necessary to achieve the balance of the right and the responsibility of each institution of local self-management, supported by ability (material, financial, legal) to carry out the duties assigned to this body. Besides it is extremely necessary to determine the optimum way of formation of institutions of local self-management.world practice (in particular) the experience of the post communistic countries which have joined the European Union shows: Ukraine can proceed to the system of effective, national, responsible authority only having added the state power with effective local self-management that will enable to return to people the role of the subject in the system of organization of public authority.of these two public authorities in the process of state construction will assist creation of conditions of development of the civil society in Ukraine. Without real local self-management the further development of Ukraine as the democratic lawful state with comfortable residing and safety of its citizens, is unfortunately impossible.more important problem is the problem of division of powers among different levels of public authority. The new authority...

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