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Реферат Post-structuralism in France

The Ministry of Education of Republic of BelarusKupala State University of Grodnofacultyand cross-cultural communication department

structuralism in France


student of the philological faculty,

th year, group 493, Raiko




.1 The emergence of post-structuralism

.2 The meaning of post-structuralism

.3 Theoretical differences between structuralism and post-structuralism2 MAJOR WORKS AND CONCEPTS OF POST-STRUCTURALISM

.1 Derrida s Deconstruction

.2 Roland Barthes - The Death of the Author

.3 Michel Foucault and post-structuralism


The end of the late 1960s was the period of disappointment, liberation and political anxiety in France. At this time a new philosophical movement emerged in French intellectual circles. It was post-structuralism. Post-structuralism originated as a reaction against structuralism. It generates the view that there is no system as a whole. Post-structuralism is a practice of critical analysis. It focuses on the peculiar uncertainty in our various systems of expression, beginning with language. In the post-structuralist approach to textual analysis, the reader replaces the author as the primary subject of inquiry and, without a central fixation on the author, post-structuralists examine other sources for meaning (readers, cultural norms, other literature, etc. ), which are therefore never authoritative, and promise no consistency. aim of the essay is to discover the meaning and the main concepts of post-structuralism . to the aim, the essay has the following tasks :

) to find out what post-structuralism is;

2) to describe the peculiarities of post-structuralism;

) to compare post-structuralism with structuralism;

) to study the key figures of post-structuralism and their theories.

The object of the essay is the post-structuralist movement in France. subject of the essay is the peculiarities of post-structuralism.following methods of research were used in the essay: the method of comparison, the method of analysis, the method of information classification and systematization, the inductive method, the method of text interpretation.essay consists of introduction, two chapters, conclusion and bibliography. In the first chapter we get information about the emergence, meaning and peculiarities of post-structuralism. Besides, some theoretical differences between post-structuralism and structuralism become clear. In the second chapter we pay attention to the key figures of post-structuralism and the main concepts of their theories.


1.1 The emergence of post-structuralism

Post-structuralism is a late-twentieth-century development in philosophy and literary theory, particularly associated with the work of Jacques Derrida and his followers. It originated as a reaction against structuralism, which first emerged in Ferdinand de Saussure s work on linguistics. By the 1950s structuralism had been adapted in anthropology (L Г©vi-Strauss), psychoanalysis (Lacan) and literary theory (Barthes), and there were hopes that it could provide the framework for rigorous accounts in all areas of the human sciences [3, p.828]. structuralism emerged in France during the 1960s as an antinomian movement critiquing structuralism. The period was marked by political anxiety, as students and workers alike rebelled against the state in May 1968, nearly causing the downfall of the French government. At the same time, however, the support of the French Communist Party (FCP) for the o...

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