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Реферат Children are influenced by American TV cartoons

cartoon american children animation

are influenced by American TV cartoons

Nowadays an average child has a big choice of cartoon channels as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Jetix, 2x2 and others. Consequently, there are about thousand cartoon TV animations there. American cartoon industry started its existence in the 20th century with the opening of Disney studio, which was the first well-known animation studio around the world. (Kevin, 2007). Disney s cartoons demonstrate kindness, honesty, love of nature and respectful attitude towards other people. Since that time American cartoon industry has a leading role in the cartoon animation history. Despite the success of the Disney cartoon movies, artists and animators from other studios decided to expand the cartoons sphere of creation of commercial TV cartoons in order to attract much more audience, hence earn more profit and achieve the highest positions in the world cinema rating. According to Kevin (2007), nowadays there are more than 3 million cartoon movies, which are demonstrated on TV. Their plots contain different varieties of stories, but some time later these stories deviate from Disney cartoon animations by the emersion of violence scenes. However some people claim that American TV cartoons trigger children s development, I believe that American cartoons can cause aggressive and undesirable behavior. cartoon television american child should be kept away from American television cartoons, because most of them contain scenes of violence and it can lead to the aggressive behavior. Firstly, there is a huge number of cartoons about fights, fighters, samurais, ninjas such as Ben10 , < span align = "justify"> Generator-X , Samurai Jack and others. All of them provide children an assertion that fighting is a way to solve any problem. For example, Generator-X is a cartoon about a bully boy, who fights on the streets with strangers, in order to prove his physical power and flying abilities. Another example is a cartoon movie Ben10 : the main character is a positive hero, because he saves the world from space monsters, but notwithstanding the animation persuades children to fight with everyone who constitutes a menace and rude behavior. (Brocato, 2010). According to Brocato s research, children act more violently while they see violence in their routine, especially in adorable TV cartoons. He also mentions that children get addicted to TV cartoons, and perhaps somehow because the reality for them seems to be boring they cannot find any other interest in anything but cartoons. Moreover, such kinds of cartoons demonstrate inappropriate actions of a real life with a touch of aggression. For instance, in many episodes of any TV cartoon has a scene of falling the character from the roof or the upper floor, and then this person accurately stands up likewise the falling was not mortal. However, in the real life such actions may lead to the death. Therefore, these episodes are shown as a humorous part, that is why children sense of humor may have aggressive motives. As an example, we can review some scenes from the cartoon Tom and Jerry . This cartoon TV animation contains both violence and callousness. During the screening of a series cat Tom wants to kill and then eat a little mouse by using poison, death traps and weapons, while this mouse Jerry mocks Tom by throwing heavy things, setting fire to the tail or asking for a help big angry dog to beat Tom. (Abrams, 1984). All these violent actions are excuses to have fun for children. Accordingly, they can repeat such examples in their daily routine by utilizing aggressive jokes to other children.should not watch American TV cartoons, because they may imitate negative or mindless characters from cartoons. First of all, imitation is one of the most crucial part of children s development. (Richard, 1996). Every cartoon has positive and negative characters. In many cases children prefer the conserve heroes, because animators demonstrate them as strong, rich, cunning and elusive persons. (Abrams, 1984). For example, negative heroes from Adventure Time or Avatar Aang

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