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Реферат Ecological problems. Environmental protection

Міністерство освіти і науки України

Дніпропетровський обласний медичний

Ліцей - інтернат В«ДнiпроВ»

Курсова робота

В«Ecological problems. Environmental protection В»


Учениця 11 - Г класу

Калашникова Анастасія

Наукові керівники:

Кривоніс І.А.

Легкий П.В.


My term-paper is devoted to the theme of the global ecological problems and the environmental protection. I would like to tell you about some problems for example "Greenhouse effect". The aim of my project is to show and explain how ecological problems influence on our life and about there consequences.

The sources of my work are:

В· Scientific books and newspapers

В· Numerous internet data

My project consists of the following parts: Introduction, Literature overview, conclusion and literature.

В· Literature overview consists of 11 themes.

В· Conclusion. p> В· Literature. h1> I suppose that the topic I chose is very actual nowadays and I hope that it will contribute to our knowledge and will also have a practical implementation in the class. В  Ecological situation nowadays

Ecology is a very popular word today. But what does it mean? Ecology is a since which studies the relationship between all forms of life on our planet and the environment. This word came from Greek "oikos" which means home. The idea of home includes our whole planet, its population, Nature, animals, birds, fish, insects and all other living beings and even the atmosphere around our planet.

Since ancient times Nature has served Man giving everything he needs: air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink, wood for building and fuel for heating his home. For thousands of years people lived in harmony with the environment and it seemed to them that the resources of nature had no end or limit. With the industrial revolution our negative influence on Nature began to increase. Large cities with thousands of steaming, polluting plants and factories can be found nowadays all over the world. The by-products of their activity pollute the air we breathe the water we drink the fields where our crops are grown. That's why those who live in cities prefer spending their days off and their holidays far from the noise of the city, to be closer to nature. Perhaps they like to breathe fresh air or to swim in clear water because the ecology is not so poor as in the cities.

So, pollution is one of the most burning problems of nowadays. Now millions of chimneys, cars, buses, trucks all over the world exhaust fumes and harmful substances into the atmosphere. These poisoned substances pollute everything: air, land, water, birds and animals. So, it is usually hard to breathe in the large cities wh...

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