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Реферат Origin and essence of global problems



Origin and essence of global problems

Global problems

Family problem

Poverty problem

Culture and moral crisis

War and peace problem

Environmental problem

Global problems is invitation to the human mind


List of references


all branches of the human s activity, as a kind of animate nature, problem intensity is observed. This intensity is very actual today. Topicality problems of contemporary humanity consist in civilization as such able not only self-destruction, but also destroy all milieu of life s magnificence.present conditions at a civilization two ways of further history: or to fall into oblivion and to get lost weightless ashes in world space and to carry away with itself all live, or to comprehend all the experience and to pass from the development period «Homo sapiens» to the period «Person Wise». But on many signs the problem of a choice of a way now very few people interests. Global problems have planetary, universal character, infringe on interests of all people of the world, they threaten with degradation and death to all mankind. The majority of problems which today we connect with global problems of the present, accompanied mankind throughout all its history.of all, it is necessary to carry to them:

· problem of a preservation of peace on Earth;

· environmental problems;

· preservation of peace;

· overcoming of poverty, hunger, illiteracy;

· food problem;

· population problem.

Also it is only small list of all modern signs of world crisis. All difficulties of mankind were weaved into one confused ball - one problem supplements another and can't exist without it.

global problem nature philosophical

Origin and essence of global problems

an increasing number of philosophers, sociologists, historians incline to think that at the present stage of development of humanity the uniform civilization on all planets is formed. Acceleration of this idea in science and public consciousness promoted understanding of globalization of social and cultural processes in the modern world.it is necessary to understand as the term globalization of social and cultural processes? The etymological term «globalization» is connected with the Latin term «globe»- That is Earth, the Globe and means all-planetary nature of these or those processes. However globalization of processes is not only their ubiquity, not only that they cover all globe. Globalization is connected, first of all, with internationalization of all public work on Earth. This internationalization means that in present period all mankind is included into uniform system of welfare, economic, political and other relations, interactions and the relations. Thus, in present period, in comparison with last historical eras, the all-planetary unity of mankind which represents essentially new super system connected by the general destiny and shared responsibility...

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