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Реферат Chinese Labor Market



Chinese Labor Market

Student: Goremykina Polina

Group № 5302

Supervisor: Razumova T. O.

Moscow 2012

of contents

1. Introduction

. Transition of the Chinese labor market

.1 Breaking the Iron Rice Bowl

.2 Consequences for a Labor Force in Transition

. Labor market reform

.1 Post-Wage Grid Wage Determination

.1.1 Flexible Labor Market

.1.2 Government Control

.1.3 Collective Bargaining

.2 Marketization Process

. Trade unions in a transforming labor market

.1 Organizational Structure and Function

.2 Role of Grass-root Trade Unions

.3 Distinguishing Collective Contracts and Wage Bargaining

.4 Independent Unions

.5 NGO and Foreign Influences on Labor Relations

.6 Are there Real Chinese Trade Unions?

. Evaluating China s industrial relations

. Wages in China

. The program of attraction of foreign experts in China

.1 Chinese experience of attraction of foreign experts

1. Introduction

s labor market has undergone significant changes in the past twenty years. A more market-oriented labor market has emerged with the growing importance of the urban private sector, as state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have downsized. At the same time, rural employment growth has slowed, and migrants have sought jobs in the more dynamic coastal provinces. Despite the progress on reforms, a sizable surplus of labor still exists in the rural sector (about 150 million) and SOEs (about 10-11 million). Main challenge facing China s labor market in coming years is to absorb the surplus labor into quality jobs while adjusting to World Trade Organization (WTO) accession. This paper estimates that if GDP growth averages 7 percent and the employment elasticity is one-half (in line with historical experience), the unemployment rate could nonetheless double over the next three to four years to about 10 percent, before declining as SOE reform is completed. These pressures would be limited by...

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