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Реферат The basic principles of regulation by safety of econom

The basic principles of regulation by safety of economy

price tax national economy

Н.А. Лебедкін, к.е.н., academician on ecology and safety of ability to live in extreme situations. br/>

The main levers of management of a national economy, regions, companies and enterprises are the prices for the goods both services and taxes to the proceeds from realization of commodity production, which structure includes also proceeds from realization of services to the population, enterprises, establishments and organizations. Whether the prices should be adjusted by the state or carry spontaneous character? Стихійність ціноутворення as a consequence boundless демократизації in economic activity already has proved the economic inconsistency and does not require additional substantiations of its (her) unfitness for economic activity and balanced development of economy of any country. The economically unreasonable failure (refusal) of the doctrine of participation of the state in management of economy of our country has resulted the country in a general (common) economic crisis. Galloping inflation, as a consequence of holiday of the prices in the period of the most active reorganization of the economic attitudes (relations) (1992-1999 рр..), Resulted (brought) to зубожіння of basic weight of the population and bankruptcy of a significant part of the enterprises and continuing the destructive influence on economic activity of the enterprises and ability to live of the population which has received the name of "shock" therapy, відзвуки with which and till the present time do not cease, at all was not economic necessity. The price has appeared is too great for the carried out (spent) reorganization, and the results - are much lower than the initial purposes. The balanced price policy (politics) is the integral function of any civilized state, іманентно inherent to it (him) as a part whole організму. The failure (refusal) of the control, regulation and management of the prices on the goods and services actually means self-elimination of state structures from management of a national economy and therefore from government. The economy which has been released (let off) on самоплив, objectively be not capable to reach (achieve) any national purpose. Besides the former purposes and former primitive ideology were quite is proved are thrown out for a board of a history, and new standard ideology, except for immense enrichment and pursuit of profit till now and is not produced. Hence, already настала it is time оприлюднити national idea, which would reconcile all layers розшарується of a society (community) and precisely enough and, main, fairly would express interests of the state and people. The essence of national idea of ​​the current moment, on our sight, consists in the followi...

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