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Реферат на тему: Sydney burning

SYDNEY'S BURNING (essay) There is no doubt that some members of the IWW were incendiarists or would-be incendiarists. Tom Barker says as much in his recently published reminiscences: warehouses and big places did go up in fire. It was very easy for anyone who got in with the stuff. After all, there was nothing new about fire-dope. It was just a mixture of phosphorus and calcium [sic] bi-supplied. It was a well-known method of making fire, wr...
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Реферат на тему: Stanley Bruce's great industrial relation blunder

STANLEY BRUCE'S GREAT INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS BLUNDER The Howard government and its conservative backers are preparing with considerable fanfare for an assault on the trade unions through so-called reform of the industrial relations system after Howard gets control of the Senate on June 31. This raises the issue of how the reactionary proposals of the Liberals can be defeated, as the labour movement faces these attacks in a rather defensive situation. People who...
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Реферат на тему: Social democracy

Social democracy В В  After 1952, as the Cold War split developed in the Labor Party, and Communist Party leader Lance Sharkey published a pamphlet about that conflict, the CPA also paid great attention to developments in the ALP. It encouraged the development of a Labor left, which was frequently under its influence, although this influence was sometimes challenged by smaller groups of Trotskyists. For most of its history, the CPA did not affo...
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Реферат на тему: Sexual violence and capitalism

Sexual violence and capitalism В«Break the silence on sexual violence!В» was a slogan often heard on Victorian campuses at the end of 1991 as students organised campaigns to force university administrations to provide a safer environment. The annual Reclaim the Night demonstration in Melbourne is one of the largest and liveliest rallies of the year. Whether it be a rape at a club or a sexist judge pronouncing that prostitutes suffer less f...
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Реферат на тему: Sellers and buyers in Russia and in foreign countries

The introduction At the beginning of occurrence of mankind, there was no necessity of settlement of the relations connected to sale and purchase. It occurred because there was no such wide spectrum of the goods (services) offered to the person. Eventually, all began to vary. The person has learned to simplify the life, using necessary products, services. According to one of economic laws which say, that requirements of the person in process of their satisfaction constantl...
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Реферат на тему: Roman Catholic labor movement in Grodno province (last third of XIX - beginning of 20 century.)

Roman Catholic labor movement in Grodno province (last third of XIX - beginning of XX century) There was nothing surprising in the fact that the Roman Catholic Church in the person of Pope Leo XIII addressed the issue of working relationships with owners, employers. The spirit of revolutionary change has gone beyond the economy, and its influence felt in politics, culture and religion. Epistle of the Roman ...
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Реферат на тему: Racism and labor movement

Racism and labor movement Humphrey McQueen, in his influential book A New Britannia emphasises the racism endemic in the Australian labour movement at the start of its development in the 1890s. Iggy Kim, of the Green Left Weekly , in his pamphlet, The Origins of Racism , locates the early Labor Party as the prime source of racism in Australia and then draws a very long bow to argue that you should vote in current election...
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Реферат на тему: Problem of meaning ambiguity in a language

Functional Re-evaluation of Grammatical Forms in Context. Problem of meaning ambiguity in a language В  Plan 1. The meaning of ambiguity 2. Lexical ambiguity 3. Structural ambiguity 4. Semantic ambiguity 5. Re-evaluation of Verb. Aspect meaning 6. Meaning of category of Voice 7. Category of Tense 8. The most controversial category-Mood
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Реферат на тему: Pravomonarhist movement

"Pravomonarhicheskoe: movement in Belarus (1905 - 1914 gg) One of the most influential trends in Russia's socio-political movement of the early XX century was a conservative-protective or right-monarchist. The ideological foundations of Russia's conservatives had been laid earlier, but the institutionalization of the supporters of "escort" of traditional institutions comes at a time when Russia...
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Реферат на тему: PR and Journalism

Університет Російської Академії Освіти Нижегородський філія Факультет економіки і бізнесу Реферат Тема: В« PR and Journalism В» виконала студентка III курсу факультету економіки та бізнесу спеціальність: зв'язки з громадськістю Кришталь И.А перевірив : к....
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