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Реферат Theoretical phonetics

Ministry of Education of Russian FederationSochi State University of Tourism and ResortBusiness and Infrastructure100103

positive image as are important component of being competitive on the tourist market.

: Chaiko Margarita

- 2010


NotionsI: The role of image for the travel agency:

.1 The matter of image

1.2 The functions of image:

.3 The positive image

Chapter II: Basics of image creating

.1 Good name is the key for success. p align="justify"> .2 The corporate style as the major factor of making image

2.3 The main bearers of image

Chapter III: Approaches to making image up

.1 The methods of research organization's image

.2 Selection of target audience for making image

.3 The measures to improve the image.


Image is the appearance about the firm in the mind of the target group

Target audience is the basic circle of real and potential consumers of the services, and other groups of the public at which the concrete appeal of the organization are aimed during Public relation-campaign carrying out.

Equivocality is something that could have several meansis a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, advertising of organization, hanged in a public placeis the corporate graphical inscriptionimage is the image that is createв the organization itself permanently and as result it helps to increase competitive ability, attract consumers and partners, speeds up sales volume.group is a specially selected group of people who has discussions in which their opinions are recorded as a form of market research.is the measure of researching of image, when people ask for concrete questions about activity of the firm.


Tourist enterprises pay much attention how they are percepted by target audience under present-day conditions. It makes necessity to form image of firm. Managers and expert take care of the corporate image.is the appearance about the firm in the mind of the target group. Positive image improves comp ability of commercial organization on the market, attract consumers and partners, increases sales volume, make easier access to the recourses (financial, information, human, material) and conducting transactions.is not only a mean and an instrument but an object of a management. Positive image is created by the main activity of enterprise and also the purposeful information work oriented to the target audience. This work is realized by means of the marketing communication (advertising, public relation, personnel retail sale, sale promotion). Of chosen subject is in that every tourist enterprises must purposeful to make positive image for increasing comp ability and therefore profit s growth. The aim of subject is to analyze all information and on its basis pick out factors that form the elements of positive image, and also to develop measures assisting of formation new or improving image of tourist enterprise already developed.it is necessary learning and managing of all components of image that to be successful on the market and to reach assigned aims.

1. Chapter I: The role of image for the travel agency

1.1 The matter of image

At the end of XX firms have opened the force of reputation or image as it is called. Now image is impossible to identify as one of the reason of win or defeat in a business. Nobody knows the full volume of means necessary for to create image of some travel agency. But it is impossible to give many examples confirming of fact, that this costs are reasonable.image of organization is divided into two parts: exterior and interior.exterior image means how it is interpreted by publics, mass media and investors. And interior means relation its personnel and manager to the firm. It s an atmosphere inside the enterprise, positive or negative relationship between staff and the attitude to a police of the firm. An important fact is how much employees devoted to the tour agent. The interior image is also influence on the public s perception of this organization.intangible aspects of image is attitude personnel to job and his emotional mood. It also affects on the firm ...

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