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Реферат Political party system

party system

Table of contents


. The two-party system in the UK

.1 The nature of the two party system

.2 The third political party in Britain

.3 Recent general election results

. The Conservative party

.1 Policies of the Conservative party

.1.1 Economic, social and justice policies

.1.2 Foreign and European union policies

.1.3 Welfare, health and drug policies

.1.4 Education and job policies

.2 The structure of the party

. The Labour party

.1 Party constitution and structure

.2 Policies of the Labour party

Two-party system constitution political party


It is a common knowledge that a political party is an organisation of people which seeks to achieve goals common to its members through the acquisition and exercise of political power. While there is some international commonality in the way Political Parties are recognised, and in how they operate, there are often many differences, and some are significant. Many political parties have an ideological core, but some do not, and many represent very different ideologies than they did when first founded.

All political parties in a country form a political party system of this country. In general, a party system is a concept in comparative political science <# «center»> 1. The two-party system in the UK

The political party system is an essential element in the working of the British constitution. The present system depends upon the existence of organized political parties, each of which presents its policies to the electorate for approval. The parties are not registered or formally recognized in law, but in practice most candidates in elections, and almost all winning candidates, belong to one of the main parties [1, p. 59].

1.1 The nature of the two party system

Great Britain has had two alignments: Conservative <# «center»> 1.2 The third political party in Britain

In electoral politics, a third party is any party contending for votes that failed to outpoll either of its two strongest rivals (or, in the context of an impending election, is considered highly unlikely to do so). The distinction is particularly significant in two-party systems <# «justify"> · built around a particular ideology or interest group

· split off from one of the major parties or

· focused on a charismatic individual <# «justify"> When third parties are built around an ideology which is at odds with the majority mindset, many members belong to such a party not for the purpose of expecting electoral success but rather for personal or psychological reasons [2, p. 348].

A so-called third party in the United Kingdom <# «center»> 1.3 Recent general election results

Recent general election in the United Kingdom was held on Thursday 6 May 2010 to elect members to the House of Commons <# «justify"> Table 1. 3

First partySecond partyThird party ...

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