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Реферат Legal regulation of guard of lands of housing and public building

Abstract workregulation of guard of lands of housing and public building

Legislative fixing of lands of housing and public building in the structure of land fund needs appropriate ensuring of legal requirements to their guard. Lands of housing and public building, which are the bases for making favorable ambience of occupying the territory, act, first of all, as the object, which is used for labor, everyday life and rest that is for labor activity of majority of population of the city, manufacture of the main part of industrial product. Ecological state of these lands, first of all, ecological safety influence health of the whole population of the city [1] .is necessary to specify ecological problems. In the course of occupying territories, realization of economic activity, Man ruins ecosystems, pollutes them with wastes and, finally, endangers the safe life in the cities. Degradation of environment in cities has brought to destruction of ecosystems and its inconvertible nature. At characteristics of the occupied (housing) lands in the city as the most important condition of formation of favorable ambience of environment for people it is necessary to take into account the right of each person to safe life and healthy environment which is fixed in the Constitution of Ukraine (Article 50). The given necessity generates the number of problems, including guard of lands.questions of legal guard of lands have been considered in the works of Shulga MV, Tretiyak AM, Shemshuchenko Yu.S. and other scientists.legislative requirements on guard of lands are concentrated in section VI of the Land Code of Ukraine. Article 162 of the Land Code gives the definition of guard of lands, as the system of the corresponding legal, organizational and the other activities [2]. Realization of activities on guard of lands, efficiency and effectiveness of the land legislation in this part is provided by means of steady execution by the subjects of land relations of instructions on conservation qualitative and quantitative features of lands of the cities and presence of activities of legal responsibility and enforcement. Exactly, legislative fixing of land rights is one of the forms of guard of lands as the object of legal relations.the analysis of the contents of Article 162 of the Land Code of Ukraine it is obvious that the given Article does not give the full presentation about guard of lands of different categories and on its directivity is oriented, first of all, on guard of agrarian lands, determining the legal principles of guard of lands of other categories (non agrarian lands) enough fluently and superficially [3]. Undoubtedly legal models of guard of ands should be differentiated depending on classification of the object that is the purpose of land. Thus, lands of public building are used as the operative bases for accommodation of varied objects of vital activity of a person.differentiation of legal modes of different categories of lands, particularities of land legal object of owners of land grounds and land users, rights and duties of participants of land legal relations, hereunder the state follows the policy of guard of lands.state policy of guard and rational use of lands is determined by the system of legal, organizing, economic and other activities, which have environmental, resourceful and reproductive nature. In accordance with Instruction of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine About approval of the Concept of the national ecological policy of Ukraine for the period up to +2020 from October 17, 2 007 No. 880-r one of the major purposes of the national ecological policy is improvement of the regional ecological policy, reduction of the negative influence of the process of urbanization on environment [4]. Thus, for instance, there is provided improvement of planning of the territorial structure of the cities, cessation of destruction of environment of the cities, reduction of areas of green plantings of the cities and greenbelts, introducing the instrument of strategic ecological estimation of regional plans and programs. The concept specifies that guard of land resources, as a kind of activities being approximation to the European standards on questions of abduction of the lands for accommodation of objects of construction, and is the national ecological policy, directed to ecological balanced use of natural resources. great role in creation of the balanced regional ecological policy should be given to the local control of natural resources, as well as social-economic and ecological development. In other words, bodies of local executive authorities and local self management are called to decide the given questions within the limits of the certain city. They should take the corresponding acts of ordering character (acc...

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