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Реферат Nature and value of the enterprise infrastructure

cept, types and importance of enterprise infrastructure

of business enterprises depends on the level of not only the main production processes. In a further improvement of the technical basis of increasing importance to the issues of rational organization support and service processes, ie infrastructure development company. Infrastructure (from the Latin infra. ~ Below, during and struktura - construction, location) - a set of component parts of an object to be subordinate to the auxiliary and provide conditions for normal functioning of the facility as a whole. Infrastructure companies - a complex of shops, farms and services enterprise, providing the conditions necessary for the functioning of the enterprise. Infrastructure is a kind of "rear production", which is impossible without the normal operation of the enterprise. This distinction industrial and social infrastructure. [2, p .. 222] Production infrastructure enterprise - a set of units that are not directly involved in creating the basic (profile) of enterprise, but whose activities contribute to the work of key departments, creating the necessary conditions. Production structure of the enterprise, in particular, are: - Support and service departments and the farm enterprise (repair, tool, energy, transport, storage, etc.); - Support and service station, located in the main shops; - Main facilities , communications networks, means of collecting and processing, environmental facilities and so on. (Figure 1.1) Composition and size of objects of industrial infrastructure businesses depend on the industry type and scale of production, design features and technology of production, level of specialization. Enterprise - is not only technical and technological integrity. Modern management is considering the company primarily as a group of people who r united to achieve common goals. Man at work is both a factor of production and source of its development. Therefore, the modern enterprise is to the community both economic and social responsibility. Direct action for social enterprises is reflected in the formation of social infrastructure of the enterprise. Social infrastructure - a combination of business units that provide fun social and cultural needs of the company's workers. Social infrastructure typically consists of units catering, health, childcare facilities, education, housing, recreation, physical education classes and sports. [2, 224] Organization and status of infrastructure significantly affect the economics of the enterprise. In modern terms in the maintenance of production in industrial enterprises operate from 40 to 50/o of all industrial personnel. This is due not only relatively large amount of work to service primary production. Many support and service operations by their nature are difficult to mechanization and automation. Because of instability, irregularity and variety of these operations is difficult to plan, regula...

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