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Реферат The theory and practice of antimonopoly regulation

Federal Government Educative Budgetary Establishment of the Higher Professional Education

В«Financial University under the Government of the Russia FederationВ» В«International FinanceВ» of Microeconomics

on Microeconomics

The theory and practice of antimonopoly regulation

by student of the group IFF 1-3 Erofeeva: PhD Victor Slobodyanik



Introduction1. Concept of antitrust regulation

.1 The necessity of antitrust regulation

.2 Antitrust regulation of monopolies

Chapter 2. Antitrust regulation in Russia

.1 The formation and methods of antitrust policy in Russia

.2 The system of state regulation and antitrust law


This work is devoted to one of the economic issues of modern times - antitrust regulation, its theory and practice. The main topic of the work is the concept of antimonopoly system, particularly considered in Russia, but also I would like to investigate monopolies and their features as the necessity of antitrust legislation is directly connected to the role of monopolies. p align="justify"> I would like to mark out the urgency of the problem, as the antitrust policy and antitrust regulation are 2 important areas of the government economy. Effects of market competition, free market inevitably generates a monopoly, which changes the conditions of competition, making the functioning mechanisms of the market system vulnerable. Due to the high concentration of economic resources monopoly creates opportunities to accelerate technological progress. However, these features are implemented in cases where this acceleration helps to extract monopoly profits. Joseph Schumpeter and other economists have argued that large firms have considerable power - a desirable effect in the economy, because they accelerate the technical changes, as firms have monopoly power, can spend their monopoly profits on research to protect or enhance its monopoly power. Doing research, they provide benefits both to themselves and society as a whole. But there is no convincing evidence that monopolies play a particularly important role in accelerating technical progress, because monopolies can delay the development of technical progress, if it threatens their profits. Antitrust policy is certainly a urgent topic today, as it is very important to the economy of the state. Well thought-out ways of regulating monopolies promote competition, market stabilization and improvement of the economy as a whole. The development of antitrust regulation is very important for the development of Russian economy, where the degree of monopolization of the market is higher than in states with historically established market economies. The Russian economy inherited from the Soviet economy a high level of concentration of production in many sectors of the economy. A natural monopoly has in Russia a great market power. Antitrust regulation combined with the support of the national organization of business and consumer protection is one of the essential conditions for successful economic and social development of Russia. The success of economic reforms largely depends on a weighted, balanced system of regulation by the state monopoly of processes and competitive relations. In Russia the process of establishing state control to prevent unfair competition actually started from scratch, as there is still more recently in the management of the economy command-administrative system is inherently exclude the presence of free competition in business. Therefore, at this stage it is crucial to create and improve the legal framework regarding the regulation of monopoly and competition processes, understanding the need for a population of Russian economic reforms in this area. The study of monopoly markets is important for economic decision-making on various issues. p align="justify"> The aim of this work is analyzing the necessity of antitrust regulation; understanding the reason why we need it and how it can simplify or, on the other hand, complicate the business area, its main concept; comparing the availability of advantages and disadvantages of such regulation. Another aim is to look on the recent situation in Russia concerning this topic as well: what kind of actions our government has undertaken in last years, what impact it had on the economic life, trade, business and other areas. Also I would like to investigate the antitrust legislation in Russia, the quality and the results of its work. In other words, to look, how ...

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