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Реферат Racism and prejudice and their role in cross-cultural communication



. Definitions and types of a stereotype

. Definition and types of prejudice

. Definition and types of racism

. Stereotypes in the intercultural communication

. Prejudice in the intercultural communication

. Racism in the intercultural communication

. Tolerance as the result of the intercultural communication

there are a lot of scientists in linguistics, psychology, sociology, ethnography who pay great attention to the phenomenon of intercultural perception. Among such scientists we can note W. Lippmann, J. Nachbar, K. Lause, F. E. Jandt, N. A. Cazenave and D. A. Maddern, U. Sorokin, N. Ufimtceva. Nations tend to collaborate with each other; globalization covers the world, that is why exploration in this field of human relationships has invaluable significance for everyone. But long-standing traditions, cultural and linguistic differences have a great influence on the relationships between people from other cultures and as follows on the efficiency of their collaboration and understanding.work is devoted to the problem of the peoples relationships, misunderstanding and disrespect reflected in their stereotyped views and believes.sphere of intercultural communication is the most interesting and the most important field for uniting cultural and individual peculiarities. A plenty of information in the process of intercultural communication is got through summaries, based on researches, and through stereotyped views. People accept each other with the means of the initial stereotypes. However, stereotypes can be both true and false; it can bear as positive emotions as negative ones. Its sense is to express the attitude of a social group to a definite phenomenon.nation form views about themselves, their behavior and traditions inside their cultural territory; as well as about other linguistic and cultural areas. Meeting other nations and cultures people usually have the tendency to accept their behavior from the point of view their culture. Very often misunderstanding about language, mimics and other things lead to distorted interpretation of actions that can bear negative feelings such as suspicion, neglect and hostility., Today we have an amount of examples of intolerant behavior, based on prejudice. Prejudice is preconceived and hostile attitude to a thing or a human being without any grounded reasons or specific knowledge. Without taking into account prejudice and stereotypes it is impossible to observe communicational mechanisms and perception among individuals and social groups.pass judgment each time they communicate with others. Depending on that judgment, communicators would know if they can compete with other communicators in their environment. As two-step process is involved when people articulate their thoughts in two way communication pro...

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