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Реферат The history of development the science of translation in the countries of studied language


Studies as an academic discipline highlights the history of translation and translation theory. Translation is the process of transferring text from one language into another. And do we know everything about translation? Do we know about history of translation study? About how the theory of translation was developed and how it came to us? History of translation - is an academic discipline designed to provide the necessary information on how this art of sending information from one language to another was evolved over time. When we discus history of translation we must think of the theories and names that emerged at its different periods. Actually, each era characterized by exact changes in translation history, but these differ from one to one more. Translation played and plays an input role in the growth of world culture. It is ordinary to think of culture as general and totally separate. If we start to look at the impact of fictional translation, the option of communication clear of anything so restricted by geographic part is clear.

The authors which concerns in their works the theme of my thesis are: IA Chistovich, Gorbovskii NK, Semenec OE, Panasev AN, Komissarov VN, <# «218» src=«doc_zip1.jpg» /> 1. Population in Canada

this period, at the behest of the French king Francis I explorer and traveler seafarer Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) is sent to the eastern shores of North America to colonize new territories. In 1534 he was being captured two Iroquois Indian tribe Stadacona (now Quebec). Indians - House Agay and Taynyaoni - follow him to France. Cartier intends to teach them the basics of the French language there, to be used in the future to travel as interpreters dealing with the Indians. Indeed, in the next journey in 1535, these Native American interpreters helped him in getting new and useful information about life in New France.the XVII century French explorer Samuel de Champlain in North America, founded Qu? Bec City in 1608, and continues to develop new lands and expanding contacts with the local population. In 1610, he directs to the Algonquin Indians also lived on the territory of present-day Canada, Etienne Brule with a task to learn their language and act as an interpreter. Brule is the first official translator in the country. In subsequent years, the Champlain creates, so the whole institution of translators who had to «live with the Indians and the Indians» to master all the subtleties of culture of local tribes for their successful colonization [22, p.1515]. the period of French rule the translation in the languages?? of Indian tribes gets fairly widespread: there are a group of court interpreters, military , commercial, etc. the beginning of the XVIII century judicial and military interpreters are necessary and have to communicate with the Dutch and the British.the XVIII century, when it starts inning of New France by the British, the French, opens a new stage in the modern history of translation in Canada. Since 1710 and the fall of Port-Royal and the British capture of Acadia (now Nova Scotia) the local French-speaking population forced to live under the rule of the British government. The last run the country through regulatory documents, writing in English and translates then into French. The central figure of the Anglo-French translators becomes Paul Mascari, Huguenot, won the 1706 British citizenship 1710...

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